Facing adversaries

Adversary is anyone who gets in your way, impedes your progress, or stops you from reaching your goals. Recognize the types to be able to apply the appropriate strategy. Inadvertent – people who are incompetent and/or unaware of their impact on others. Insecure – these bullies have psychological issues of their own and need to put others down to feel good about themselves. Revenge motivated – these are out to damage you because they feel you have wronged them for real or imagined. Politically motivated – these will lie, backstab, and deceive for they see you as an obstacle who needs to be removed. Concentrate your efforts on the adversaries who count. Identify the adversary’s intention, seek the reasons behind your adversary’s behavior. Focus only on those who are deliberately attacking you for advancing their personal interest or being psychologically flawed. Plan your counter-move, collect facts and evidence for later use. Carefully consider the right time to act. Acknnowledge that today's enemy could be tomorrows friend (and vise versa).

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